1. MFS Signup: 60000.00 – One has to pay the said amount in one single transaction via Demand Draft or NEFT transfer in our bank account in State Bank of India.
  2. Product invoicing and delivery: An equivalent of MRP Rs. 60000/- value or more products will be billed and additionally MRP Rs 10000.00 worth extra product as scheme will also be delivered. In total an equivalent of MRP 70000/- value or more product will be delivered.
  3. Plan benefits and weekly maximum upper capping: All the plan benefits shall be given as per the WB business plan manual and you will become entitled to avail a maximum of 300,000.00 income per week through PSV matching bonus criteria.
  4. Store Portal Window (SPW) Activation: You can opt for SPW activation by making a purchase minimum Rs. 10000.00 worth products with Zero Point Value (ZPV). ZPV contains no PSV or BV. Followings are the benefits of SPW activation;
    • Power to Bill and activate – You will become authorized to upload the PSV and activate the IDN. And you will also become authorized to upload Business Volumes (BV) when you conduct repurchase sales.
    • Franchisee Commission as SRI –2% on each repurchase and package orders will be given as SRI.
    • Franchisee Scheme Benefits –you shall avail a benefit of 5% as product schemeon every order placed by of a minimum value of Rs. 30000. 00 or more in one single invoice.
  1. MFS Royalty via pWallet–you shall become entitled to avail 2% royalty every month direct to your pWallet through PSV pool. Formula; Every month our system will determine the total value of PSV sales and 2% of the same will distribute equally amongst all MFSs in that month, directly to their respective pWallet.