womenLeucorrhoea, also known as vaginal discharge is a very common condition that has been experienced by most women of all ages, at some time or the other. This is because of the fact that the female genitals are highly prone to infections because they are moist and covered at most times. Moreover, women do tend to sweat a lot in that area, which increases the chances of infections and inflammation. Unfortunately, most women are highly embarrassed by this problem, as it is usually characterized by a foul smelling vaginal discharge that is white in color. Women are not only embarrassed in front of others because of this, but most of them also avoid discussing the problem with their medical health care providers, which is why the treatment for vaginal discharge caused by leucorrhea could be a bit of a challenge.

There are a few women that use home remedies for leucorrhoea, to get rid of the infection causing organisms. Natural cure for leucorrhoea also helps in avoiding the uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms of this condition.

Leucorrhoea Symptoms

Leucorrhea can be quite an uncomfortable condition, which leads to symptoms such as foul smelling vaginal discharge, headaches, fatigue, pain in the stomach and constipation too.

Some of the most common causes for leucorrhea in women include infections, sexually transmitted diseases, increase in the levels of toxins in the body and poor eating habits, to name a few.

During the course of pregnancy any kind or amount of vaginal discharge could cause a woman to worry excessively, regardless of the phase that it occurs in. However, white vaginal discharge or leucorrhoea is a sign of pregnancy, which is very normal and is experienced by most women, due to the increase in the flow of blood to the vaginal area. Drastic fluctuations in the hormonal levels of the body could also be responsible for the various leucorrhoea symptoms in pregnancy. Nevertheless, it is important for women to consult their health care providers if they experience any leucorrhea sign in pregnancy.

There are several women who check with health care providers if it is possible to find leucorrhoea symptoms in men. However, while it is possible for men to suffer from several types of genital infections, leucorrhoea symptoms in men have never been seen as leucorrhea, which means vagina discharge, is prevalent primarily in women.

Leucorrhoea Causes

As soon as women notice the embarrassing symptoms of leucorrhea, they get all worried and wonder why they are facing this problem. Most women want to know what the white discharge causes are and whether they need to be concerned about anything. Some of the most common causes of white vaginal discharge include:

  • Infections from bacteria, fungi or other parasites. Urinary tract infections are also very common female discharge causes.
  • Injuries or trauma to the vagina, the womb or the cervix, which is very common during pregnancy
  • Lack of cleanliness or poor hygienic measures
  • Irritation from objects like an intrauterine contraceptive device
  • The use of sprays, lubricants or jellies
  • Contraceptives used by men or women which could cause irritation
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Following a diet that is low on nutrition

It is absolutely for women to consult a doctor and identify the main reason for leucorrhoea whitish discharge. This is because certain health problems, such as anemia and diabetes could also lead to vaginal discharge or leucorrhea.

Leucorrhoea Diet

After a short fast, the patient may adopt an all-fruit diet for about a week. In this regimen, she should have three meals a day of fresh juicy fruits such as apples, pears, grapes, grapefruits, oranges, pineapples and peaches. If the patient is suffering from anaemia, or is very much underweight, the diet may consist of fruits and milk. The patient may then gradually embark upon a well-balanced diet on the following lines:

Upon arising: A glass of lemon or orange juice in lukewarm water.

Breakfast: Fresh acid bearing fruits such as apples, oranges, pears, all berries or fruit juice and milk.

Lunch: Steamed vegetables, whole wheat tortilla and butter-milk.

Dinner: Vegetable soup, a large salad of all available vegetables in season and dates, figs and raisins.

Fresh fruits or fruit juices only should be taken between meals. All forms of white flour, white sugar, fried and greasy foods, condiments, preserves, tea and coffee should be avoided.

Leucorrhoea recipes main include a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables, especially bananas, cranberries, oranges, lemons, black plums, okra, leafy greens, onions, brown rice, yogurt, as well as healthy herbs and spices such as ginger, garlic, fenugreek and coriander. There are also many food items which aggravate leucorrhea and therefore they should be strictly avoided while women are going through this problem. Some of the foods that should be eliminated from healthy leucorrhoea recipes include eggs, meat, bread, mushrooms, sweets and any other food items that have been fermented.

for womensDiet should be followed by certain supplements which are going to strengthens the women internal organs and prevent her genitals with all sorts of bacterial infections.

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