Warangal Tour was of one week, a lot of things to do in these seven days as Warangal is a Tri-City, so Herbalage Team had to cover three cities in just seven days.

On 25 of July, we had a Press Conference at Warangal Press Club accompanied by Mr. Venu Gopal Reddy (Diamond Wellness Director), Mr. Jogender Babu (Pearl Wellness Director) and Mr. Neelam Shankaraiah (Pearl Wellness Mover). Team of reporters was there with us and Team of Herbalage was ready with product display. They started enquiring about Herbalage Products over the cup of tea.

We had a grand product launch Of Naturish Personal Care Range, WellneSure Health Drink Range and Natourish Salon Professional Skin Rejuvenation & Nourishment Kit, many Movers attended the Launch, in the later half Team Herbalage gave the product knowledge and insights on how to do Wellness Bharat Movement.

Next Day we had canopy activities in various places at Warangal for the promotion of Wellness Bharat Movement, we gave knowledge of Ayurveda and distributed brochures.

Team Herbalage visited various Opportunity Centers to ensure proper functioning.