Alzheimer’s Disease:
Progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age, due to generalized degeneration of the brain. It is the commonest cause of premature senilityexpressive senior.
Alzheimer’s disease affects the human brain in a way that the person starts losing his memory, his power to think, and his natural behavior. It is a form of dementia that gets worse with time. The person cannot even carry out his daily activities in a normal way.

Alzheimer’s is Of Two Types:
• Alzheimer’s of early onset: It appears before the age of 60 but worsens faster. It may be genetic
• Alzheimer’s of late onset: It is most common type of Alzheimer’s. It appears in people above 60 years of age.

The Ayurvedic Appraoch
The Ayurvedic texts deals with the nervous system and disorders associated with it. Nervous system disorders, called ‘vatavyadhi’ in Sanskrit, were thought to be brought on by imbalances of Vata, the biological air humor, the energy that moves through the brain and the nerves (the ancients considered nerve impulses to be a kind of wind or air traveling through the body) controlling both voluntary and involuntary functions. Hence, Vata derangements always involve some weakness, disturbance, or hypersensitivity of the nervous system.
The exact causes of Alzheimer’s are still unknown. Some of these include genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. They may affect each person in a different way. Some factors that have been linked to Alzheimer’s are:
• Growing age
• Family history
• Down’s syndrome
• Smoking
• Obesity
• High blood pressure

Alzheimer’s may present a wide range of symptoms in different people depending on the part of brain affected. They may be more on the emotional and memory scale or in some they may majorly affect the body functioning. Some of the common symptoms in the early stage are:
• Excessive emotional behavior
• Difficulty in language
• Loss of memory
• Difficulty in perception
• Loss of thinking and judgment
• Difficulty in performing more than one task at a time
• Time taken to perform activities is longer.

Symptoms That Appear After Some Time Gap:
• The person forgets familiar routes
• Problems with language, even familiar names
• Misplacing items
• Changes in personality changes
• Sleep pattern changes even waking up at night

Symptoms In The Later Stages:
• Depressed moods and delusions
• Even the daily tasks become a problem like preparing meals, choosing proper clothing, and driving
• Facing difficulty in reading or writing
• Forgetting current events
• Forgetting your own self
• Poor judgment and loss of ability to recognize danger

There are certain herbs which help in preventing all sorts of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms and they are:
Jatamnsi helps balances all the three doshas, but has special effect on Pitta and Kapha and thus it helps manage all sorts of stressful condition. Other benefits:
• It is extensively used in the treatment of headache and depression.
• Known as Bhutadahaghni – which helps in psychiatric conditions.
• It is Modakrut – which is useful in depression.
• The special of effect (Prabhava ) of Jatamansi is BhutaghnaManasadoshahara – which is effective in neuro-psychiatric conditions.

Sarpgandha also known, as black snakeroot is one of the very important Ayurvedic drug having following action:
• Chandramara – Chandramahlaadam – Maryati means it is meant to relieve the tension of the mind.
• Dhavalvitapa – DhavatiShodyati Mano Dehamcha means it purifies mind and body thus relieves from physical & mental stress.
• Treats high blood pressure.
• Helps in lack of sleep.strelax

And the above mentioned herbs are present in product range of Herbalage named Strelax & StreSide.
Stress Management to balance physical and mental stresses.

  • Helps suppress stress hormones to balance your body and mind
  •  Addresses high blood pressure, HDL-LDL cholesterol level and excess tri-glyceride. Also helps patients suffering from cardiac diseases.
  •  Addresses sleeplessness, migraine and headache.
  •  Helps in Alzheimer and Parkinson.
  •  Improves memory, alertness and reasoning.
  •  Improve mental calmness and enhances sex health.

Anti-stress & memory formula.
Stress, hypertension & memory management.

  •  Helps Strengthens brain cells to improve memory, alertness and reasoning.
  •  Addresses physical and mental stress and promotes mental calmness. Helps controls hypertension.
  •  Helps improve memory, alertness and reasoning power.
  •  Also help aid sound sleep.