THYROID: a large ductless gland in the neck which secretes hormones regulating growth and development through the rate of metabolism.

Any disturbance or imbalance in the thyroid glands directly effects on the working of it, which is commonly known as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.


When too little TH is released, the body’s metabolic rate decreases, and the body slows down. Hypothyroidism often goes undiagnosed because its symptoms are often mistaken for or attributed to other conditions. Symptoms include:

  • fatigue

  • depression
  • low body temperature
  • weight gain
  • dry or itchy skin
  • thin, dry hair or hair loss
  • puffy face, hands and feet
  • decreased taste and smell
  • slow heart rate
  • constipation
  • poor memory
  • trouble with concentration
  • hoarseness or husky voice
  • irregular or heavy menstruation
  • muscle aches
  • infertility
  • high cholesterol
  • goiter(enlarged thyroid gland)

Hypothyroidism can occur spontaneously, develop during or after pregnancy or after treatment for hyperthyroidism. You can be born with it or it can be caused by Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, it is an autoimmune disease. That means the immune system attacks the body’s healthy tissues instead of fighting off invading bacteria or viruses. In this case, the immune system produces antibodies to attack the thyroid gland as if it were a foreign substance that needed to be destroyed. The resulting damage leads to reduced production of TH.


The Ayurvedic Approach:

According to the thyroid is located in the 6th tissue level or Majjadhatu. Majja is controlled by kapha dosha. According to Ayurveda the thyroid function is controlled by Pitta dosha. Pitta is responsible for all of the metabolic actions carried out by the thyroid gland. Susrutha stated that rivers flowing towards east might give rise to the occurrence of galaganda.

There are certain herbs which help in preventing hypothyroidism and they are:

PLUMBAGO ZEYLANICA (CHITRAKMOOL) Chitrakmool ignites the digestive fire, ensures proper digestion and assimilation and alleviates inflammation and pain associated with hemorrhoids. It is also beneficial to correct the liver functions and to maintain the cholesterol levels.

  • It strengthen the digestive system for proper digestion and assimilation of food stuffs; it is very useful in diarrhea and frequent passage of stool
  • It is useful in management of anemia.
  • It enhances the circulation of gastric mucus membrane, thus helps in digestion and absorption.
  • It is pungent, astringent, diuretic, germicidal, and vesicant properties.
  • Promotes sweating and small doses stimulate the central nervous system.


PISTA STRATIOTES (JALKUMBHI) Jalkumbhi is an aquatic, perennial herb with dark green, shining leaves divided into several leaves. It contains all essential vitamins and is rich in alkaline elements. It consists of moisture, protein, carbohydrates and fat. Its minerals contents are calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A and C, thiamine, riboflavin and volatile oil.

  • Useful in treating anemia.
  • Best source of iodine which is very important to correct the functioning of thyroid glands its regular use is highly beneficial in the prevention and treatment of thyroid gland disorders.


And the above mentioned herbs are present in product range of Herbalage named Xtrong TG and ShapeMe.

Xtrong TG      

Thyroid support formula.
Thyroid support formula.

Thyroid support formula.

Hypo/Hyper thyroid support.

  • Being high in natural iodine content, which is essential for the formation of thyroid hormones, helps the functioning of the thyroid gland.
  •  one of the richest sources of iodine which is very crucial to correct the working of the thyroid gland. Its everyday use is exceedingly beneficial for preventing and treating thyroid gland disturbances.
  • Helps manage hypothyroidism.
  • Helps lower cortisol and balances thyroid hormones.






Obesity management naturally.

Obesity management naturally.
Obesity management naturally.


The formulation helps balance body weight naturally by suppressing excess appetite, eliminates extra water and reduces excess body fat naturally. It works wonderfully when combined with regular fitness regime.

  • Addresses internal chemical imbalance, improves nutrition to cells and tissues to help get extra fat eliminated from the body.
  • Regulate body fat distribution normally.
  • Helps experience energy, flexibility and speed during routine work.
  • Complimenting supplement to patient suffering from diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease.