Heart and blood vessel disease — also called heart disease — includes numerous problems, many of which are related to a process called atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a condition that develops when a substance called plaque builds up in the walls of the arteries. This buildup narrows the arteries, making it harder for blood to flow through. If a blood clot forms, it can stop the blood flow. This can cause a heart attack or stroke.CARDIO VASCULAR DISEASES




The Ayurvedic Approach:

  • Ischemic heart disease (IHD) is called as Hridroga. There are 5 clinical descriptions of IHD according to Ayurveda based on vitiated doshas and additional causes.
  • If the pain is acute and has a shifting nature, it is called as vata heart disease.
  • If it is linked with a burning sensation, it is called pitta heart disease.
  • If the pain is mild and is linked with heaviness, nausea, and cough, it is called kapha heart illness.
  • If all the representative symptoms are present, then it is known as tridosha heart disease.
  • In Ayurveda, kapha (hardening of arteries) is the foremost underlying mechanism of heart diseases.

There are certain herb which helps in preventing all sorts of cardio vascular diseases and they are:

  • TerminaliaArjuna (Arjuna): Arjuna promotes well-organized cardiac performance and regulates blood pressure to normal.
  • TerminaliaChebula (Haritaki):It addresses Rakta-Vata and helps reduce total cholesterol, triglyceride and keeps heart disease at bay.

And the above mentioned herbs are present in product range of Herbalage named Xtrong Heart.


Xtrong Heart


  • Heart Support , Blood pressure, lipid & palpitation management.
  • Arjuna alone is capable of upholding the healthy heart alone. But alongwith Jatamansi, It helps manage high blood pressure, boosts HDL (the good cholesterol), lowers LDL (the bad cholesterol) and helps nearly all cardiovascular activity.
  • Haritki possesses anti-anginal, hypoglycemic properties; helps reduce total cholesterol, triglyceride and keeps heart disease at bay.